About Broadstorm

Broadstorm was originally launched as Utility Webhosting in 2010 as a web-hosting-based sister-company of long-time successful business telephone and internet company, Utility Telephone.

In 2012, we brainstormed a more relevant and modern approach. We focused on a core group of customers and prospective customers to find out how we could make their lives easier within the realm of web hosting. So, we cleaned the house, put together a great team, rebranded, and focused on bringing consumers the best possible web hosting experience.

We want to simplify web hosting & website creation

Here’s how we’re doing it

  • Making it easier and/or more affordable for people to update their websites
  • Make it wasier to change hosts or designer if you ever become dissatified
  • Remove up-front fees from the web design equation
  • Build websites that not only look good, but attract more visitors
  • Ability to have email and a website designed, managed and hosted all in one place