Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy (“Policy”) constitutes a part of any and all Agreements between BroadStorm.comBROADSTORM.COM and its account holders (“Customers”) and System Users. This Acceptable Use Policy also applies to all direct and indirect users of the BROADSTORM.COM network system, including internet access, Web Hosting, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), FTP access account holders and all users accessing any email account, server or system or World Wide Web server hosted on or accessed through any BROADSTORM.COM network computers, servers and related systems (“System Users”). Upon notice published on-line via BROADSTORM.COM’s web site, BROADSTORM.COM may add to, delete from, or modify the terms and conditions of this Policy. BROADSTORM.COM reserves the right to discontinue or change any and all of its services offered.

Cancellation Policy

Account Status and Renewal

Prompt payment is necessary to ensure uninterrupted service of your account. All services are automatically renewed according to the selected terms unless otherwise agreed upon by BroadStorm.com. Renewal fees may be collected as early as 10 days in advance from your renewal date. Renewals generated automatically do not receive notification emails or documents via the mail informing the customer of the pending renewal. Such services can be requested, but will incur a separate monthly fee of $25.00 per month for administrative monitoring of the account.

Privacy Policy

To provide your business with hosting services, we need to have certain confidential information to establish and maintain your account. We keep your information secure and confidential through a number of different safeguards. This notice will explain the kinds of information we keep, how we protect it, and who may see it.

Master Services Agreement (MSA) and Business Terms and Conditions (T&C)

The Master Services Agreement (MSA) and Business Terms and Conditions (T&C) are terms entered into by BroadStorm.com and the Customer recieving the services. Please review the MSA/T&C upon accepting services. If there are any questions, please contact info@broadstorm.net.

Our Information

The Information We Have, Where We Get It And How We Use It

You provide us with most of the information we need to establish your account. This may include, but is not limited to, name, address and credit card numbers or automatic bill payment information. We use this information mainly to create a customer record, helping us to provide the various services you have selected when you call our office with questions and service requests.

We may also use our internal records to suggest adjustments to your account, as well as suggest additional products and services that could ultimately save you money.

ICANN Policy

At least annually, a registrar must present to the registrant the current Whois information, and remind the registrant that provision of false Whois information can be grounds for cancellation of their domain name registration. Registrants must review their Whois data, and make any corrections.

ICANN is an acronym for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a global multi-stakeholder organization that was created and empowered through actions by the U.S. government and its Department of Commerce. It coordinates the Internet DNS, IP addresses and autonomous system numbers, which involves a continued management of these evolving systems and the protocols that underly them.

While ICANN has its roots in the U.S. government, it is now, and continues to strive to be, an international, community-driven organization. Their management of an interoperable Internet covers 180 million domain names, the allocation of more than 4 billion network addresses, and the support of approximately a trillion DNS look-ups everyday across 240 countries.

ICANN collaborates with companies, individuals, and governments to ensure the continued success of the Internet. It holds meetings three times a year, switching the international location for each meeting; one of these serves as the annual general meeting when the new ICANN Board members take their seats.

.US Policy

We are the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the United States. You might have thought .us is only for government agencies and schools. But since 2002, individuals, businesses, churches, and non-profits have adopted .us web addresses to make their mark on the internet. Neustar, a leading provider of registry services, manages .us on behalf of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Neustar maintains a growing network of .us-accredited registrars that sell .us domain names. See a full list of .us registrars.

How Businesses Win with .US…

.US enables businesses based in America to strengthen their identities here—both American-owned and international firms. For companies with operations in the United States, a .us address inspires consumer confidence and encourages people to “buy American.” Less saturated than traditional domains, .us offers excellent opportunities for businesses to get the addresses they need. Learn more or get your .US address at About.US.

Internet Privacy

Our website enables you to access and pay your bill online, as well as view and verify your contact information. We may collect certain non-personally identifiable information when you visit our website such as the type of browser you are using and the type of operating system you are using.

Like most company websites, we utilize “cookies,” which are text files placed in your computer’s browser to store your preferences. Your e-mail address or other personally identifiable information may be linked to the data stored in your cookies. This helps us to understand how our website is used and improves our content by using cookies to personalize your experience.

We may also use cookies to suggest adjustments to your account and offer new products and services.

Restricting Access To Your Information

We have strict policies that govern employee access to customer records. We utilize customer information for authorized business purposes only and make sure that your records are accessed only by employees whose specific jobs require them to access such records. In addition, we instruct our employees about their duty to maintain the privacy of customer information.

Disclosure of Your Information

We keep the records of services you purchase private and will not disclose such information to third parties without your permission. We do not sell mailing list information or e-mail addresses to third parties and you can be assured that all of your credit card and banking numbers are kept private and secure. However, certain circumstances require us to disclose customer information without your permission. For example, we will release customer information when cooperating with local and national law enforcement officials during investigations of fraud, harassment and other forms of criminal activity and we may provide information about current and former customers to collection agencies for the purpose of recovering amounts due to us that are in arrears. We will also disclose information to protect our rights or property and to protect others from fraudulent, abusive or unlawful use of our services.